Surgery Clinics

If you would like to book one of these clinics, please book your appointment online, or contact us on 020 8777 8245.

All GP practices are contracted to provide ‘essential services’, that is basic treatment of ill people. We also provide the following ‘additional services’.

Child Health Surveillance (6-8 week check) – This is provided by Dr T Venison & Dr Kevin Yee by appointment in routine surgery.
Immunisation – These are provided by our practice nurses. Current recommended schedule can be obtained from the NHS Website.
Tetanus – All adults who have not had a full primary course of three tetanus injections are advised to have them at monthly intervals. Thereafter, adults are advised to have a tetanus booster vaccination at 10-yearly intervals, until a total of five injections has been given.
Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccine – In accordance with Department of Health guidelines, we recommend influenza and pneumonia vaccinations for patients with diabetes, chronic heart, lung or kidney disease and patients over the age of 65. We also offer 2 & 3 year old patients the nasal flu vaccination.
Cervical Smears – All our practice nurses can perform these in routine appointments.
HRT Clinic – All of the doctors can advise about HRT.
Antenatal Clinic – The practice antenatal clinic runs every Thursday from 2.00 to 4.15 pm by the midwife attached to our practice. These appointments are booked directly with the midwife.
Family Planning Advice – This is offered by all partners at any consultation. Dr Teoh & Dr Boateng are the only doctors that fit coils. You will usually be asked to make a special appointment for this after your initial consultation.
Minor Surgery – Joint, soft tissue injections plus minor operations are provided by Dr Purwar and Dr Yee. It is sometimes possible to carry out joint injections in an ordinary appointment but on occasions you may be asked to make a special appointment.
Diabetic Clinic – This clinic provides an annual review for diabetics who are not under the care of a hospital diabetic centre. The clinic is run by Gillian our Nurse Practitioner.  Attendance is by invitation.
Asthma Clinic – This clinic is run by the Doctors. Attendance is by appointment only.
Cardiology Clinic – These clinics are available by referral only by your doctor. We also accept patients by referral from other local practices.