Private Services List and Fees

Private Fees (Non NHS work) – Information for patients and third parties

The government’s agreement with general practitioners (GPs) encompasses healthcare services for NHS patients, which includes the delivery of continuous medical care. Nevertheless, in recent times, an increasing number of entities have been engaging doctors in a wide spectrum of non-medical tasks. Occasionally, GPs are called upon solely because they hold a position of trust within the community, or because insurance companies or employers seek to guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of information provided to them.

The British Medical Association (BMA) provides fee suggestions for non-NHS services that fall outside the scope of a GP’s NHS contract. These suggestions are intended to assist GPs in establishing their own professional fees. It’s important to note that these fee suggestions are not binding recommendations, and doctors are not obligated to adhere to the suggested rates.

The BMA advises that GPs should communicate to patients and third parties in advance if they intend to levy charges and specify the amount. The ultimate decision regarding the fee amount lies with the individual practice.

Do GPs have to do non-NHS work for their patients?

With a few specific exceptions, such as a court ordered work, GPs are not obligated to undertake non-NHS tasks on behalf of their patients. While GPs will make an effort to support their patients in filling out forms, such as those for insurance purposes, they are not compelled to engage in such non-NHS-related work.

Why does it sometimes take my GP a long time to complete my form?

The time devoted to form completion and report preparation diverts the GP from providing medical care to their patients. Given that most GPs already carry a substantial workload, paperwork consumes an ever-growing portion of their time. As a result, many GPs discover they must handle this administrative work beyond their regular working hours.

I only need the doctor’s signature – what is the problem?

When a doctor endorses a certificate or finalizes a report, it is obligatory for them to do so only when they are certain of the information’s accuracy to maintain their status on the Medical Register. Consequently, to fill out even the most straightforward forms, the doctor may need to review the patient’s complete medical history. Negligence or the submission of an inaccurate report can result in significant repercussions for the doctor, including scrutiny by the General Medical Council (the regulatory body for doctors) or even involvement of law enforcement

A list of our current fees (to be reviewed again in September 2024) is provided


All fees must be paid in advance of work being completed and supplied.

We accept cash, credit card and payment by BACS only. We do not accept cheques.

We reserve the right to suspend, extend processing times for private/Non NHS work at any time due to busy periods.

To whom it may concern letters (short GP letter) to support claims such as: housing, school, college, insurance, COVID recovery letter£30.00
Adoption & Fostering£104
Private Sick Note (Periods within 7 days)£30.00
Firearm/Shotgun Cert
Letter to take medication abroad£30.00
Fitness to travel, cost dependant on time to complete£30.00-£50.00
Fitness to travel with examination£65.00
Holiday cancellation Cert (excluding examination)£30.00
Holiday cancellation Cert (with examination)£65.00
Ofsted reports Childminding/teaching£85.00
Private medical examinations HGV, PSV, Taxi, Driving Medicals – (Subject to GP availability) *Patients making appointments for HGV/Taxi medicals should bring their form, a urine sample and their optician report completed in advance£115.00
Sickness/accident claim form completion£40.00
Private medical/insurance form completion ie BUPA/PPP/Aviva/L&G etc.£104.00


Request for report£104
Report with examination£150

All requests must have accompanying consent from patient to release information


Full General Practitioner Report (GPR)
With examination
Additional information request£25

All requests must have accompanying consent from patient to release information

OTHER THIRD PARTY REQUESTS (Work accepted where GP has capacity, this will be advised at the time of application along with timeframe)

Patients requesting copies of their medical records (SAR)Free
Request for report by employer/occ health£104
Army/ with full copies of notes (Online access by patient should be requested which is free to the patient and preferable)£104
Proforma Report with no examination for 20mins£89
Written Reports with no examination for 25 mins£111
Detailed written report with no examination for 30mins£133
Comprehensive examination and report for 45mins£201

All requests must have accompanying consent from patient to release information